STILLER / Verena Looser & Melina Weissenborn

Videostill: Mehr Freizeit.Mehr Geld / Leisure & Cash


Stiller is a Swiss-German media art duo consisting of Verena Looser (*1980 in Switzerland, lives and works in Leipzig and Zurich) and Melina Weissenborn (*1983 in Germany, lives and works in Leipzig). They have worked in collaboration for several years since studying Media Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig and at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Melina Weissenborn as a scholar of the Hans Böckler Foundation. Besides their engagement in the Arts Verena Looser works as lecturer in biotechnology and Melina Weissenborn is editor of the feminist magazine Outside the Box.

Stiller’s artistic work centres on confrontations with contradictions they face in their social and political fabric, meaning everyday life, concepts of labour and female socialization. Within this framework, they oscillate between a critical approach and a poetic request during their process of artistic transformation. In their artistic activities, they are interested in developing a precise, reduced but still poetic form of the subjects that they choose, always trying not to lose their subtle sense of humour.

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